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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

The Money Value of a Maritime Case—is often similar to a land-based Louisiana Claim

Maritime injury cases can be quite similar to Louisiana court cases for land-based injury—BOTH types of cases (maritime and land based) may allow money awards for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and full economic damages, including lifetime medical bills and wage losses.

So it is huge that William Gee—in a Louisiana land based case---led a team of lawyers to get a $117 million jury award—Louisiana’s largest money award for an injury.

Money Awards in Maritime Claims—William Gee specializes in Maritime Cases

If an offshore worker is permanently hurt, they probably won’t work again in a maritime setting-- because of the high amount of physical activity required. The dollar amount awarded may usually be decided by a jury. Maritime law is complex. The smart thing to do is to speak with a specialist, confidentially.

Liability and Causation

A maritime “tort” case can often be tried either in state, or federal court—and this is often the worker’s choice, of where to sue. Generally, unless the case is strictly a worker’s comp case, in order for the injured maritime worker to be successful, a company or companies must be at fault, and that fault must cause the injury. A maritime worker who is a “seaman” (generally, a worker who is permanently assigned to a vessel or group of vessels, who contributes to the mission of the vessel/vessels, is probably a “seaman”)… can sue his own employer under the “Jones Act”, to collect money not only for lost past and future wages, but also for pain, suffering, mental anguish, and medical bills. A non-seaman maritime worker (such as an offshore service hand) can also seek money for lost earnings, pain, suffering, mental anguish and medical bills, if there is a maritime “tort” claim against a third party. Sometimes there can be multiple third parties. The money amount awarded—if fault and causation are proven--are set by a jury or judge.

2 Claims

Sometimes a maritime worker will have 2 separate claims: a claim for worker’s comp (2/3rds of salary, plus medical bills--generally), and a claim against a company or companies other than his own, for additional money including 100% of past and future lost wages, pain, suffering, mental anguish and medical bills for life.

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